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I haven't written a journal entry on here in a long time. Life has been crazy. For ten years, I haven't felt well and I think that might be Fibromyalgia, but am not certain. After all this cancer stuff is taken care of, I want to look into that, but I digress...

A couple of days after Christmas, I was checking my breasts for lumps, like I have been regularly for years now and this time was different then all the other times. I found a lump. I just remember my heart sinking. Breast cancer has been one of my greatest fears for a long time and, in that moment, I realized that there was a very real possibility of one of my greatest fears being realized. At first, I was going to wait until my doctor responded to my email to her asking about what I should do and I'm glad I didn't follow her advice because she told me to wait until a few days after my period and if it was still there to come in. Something inside of me told me to go in as soon as possible. 

I had decided from the beginning that I didn't want to tell anyone until I got the results from the test. I didn't want anyone to needlessly worry about me as it could have been nothing. My sister wound up talking me into telling everyone the day before I got the results and the reason why I caved in is because I knew if they were worried that it would only be a day before we all knew exactly what was going on. Everyone told me that they thought it was just a cyst. They kept reassuring me of it. In my research, I found that breast cancer doesn't generally hurt and my lump did, but I still wanted to make sure.

The day after I found the lump, I went in to see a medical professional of some kind who I had never seen. She seemed annoyed with me, but sent me to radiology to get an ultra sound. They told me they didn't see enough to understand fully what was going on. As I waited to get a mammogram, I was by far the youngest woman in the room waiting. All the older women were telling me that they kept getting cysts and I knew from my own research, as well as what they said that more often than not, the lump is just a cyst, but I still had this crippling fear deep inside of me as I waited.

I got a mammogram and it really hurt when it pressed down on the lump. The lady who gave me a mammogram then sent me over to get a biopsy done and I just burst into tears while they did it, not just because it hurt (they shoved a giant needle into my boob six times), but because I had this nagging feeling that it was cancer. Luckily, the radiologist as well as their assistant were very kind people with a great bedside manner and they were comforting to me the whole time.

A part of me held onto hope that it was nothing to worry about, but five days later, I got a call from the radiologist and I immediately knew from his apologetic tone what he was about to tell me. He told me I have cancer. The reason why the lump hurts is because it's pressed right up against my pectoral muscle.

Since that day, my life hasn't been the same and I know it never will be again. That was January 3rd. The stress I have experienced as a result of this has been staggering and I know the worst is yet to come. I am at least at stage 2 right now and will find out up to a week after my surgery if it's spread or not. I will be getting a bilateral mastectomy on Wednesday and may have to get a second surgery to get all my lymph nodes on that side taken out. I will be getting a second or third surgery for reconstruction, as well as at least five months of chemotherapy. There are tons of potential complications, all of which are horrifying. There are tons of potential side effects from chemo. If I'm lucky, I'll just be nauseous and fatigued. If I am unlucky, I could get life threatening side effects from it.

My family and my boyfriend have been amazing. I came to the realization that even though this is the hardest year of my life, it isn't the worst year of my life and it's because of these amazing people who have been there for me. 

It really sucks that I got cancer so young. I wish I could have gotten it at an older age, after I had lived out my life and had more experiences, especially since up to almost four years ago, my life sucked for a very long time. I feel like I just got a taste of a good life and then fell into this mess. On the bright side, these are in some ways the best circumstances I could have asked for. I have health care, a stable roof over my head (I've lived in the same place for several years. I use to move every three to six months), a wonderful, caring partner who treats me with respect and has been my rock through this process, the best relationship with my family that I've had in years, some savings to fall back on and some medical financial assistance (though I will probably wind up having to do a go fund me anyways later on this year), and my best friend and I have gotten back in touch in the last five months after years of not talking. The one potential benefit of my age is that my body might be more capable of fighting off the cancer, but since I have been sickly for so long, it might not be the case. 

I am terrified. Terrified of dying. Terrified of getting cancer again. Terrified of how I will look when this is over, how I will feel. I know my year will be full of pain and nausea and generally feeling like crap, but I want to try to be ok, try to be happy anyways. With that being said, please don't tell me to be strong or to be positive. Something I have learned is that those things are something you have no choice but to be under these circumstances. The only other choice is to die basically. I am realistic and speak my mind because I don't want to hold in my feelings to satisfy other people. I want to be open about how I feel through this process so that I can truly heal from this. I love my life, I love being comfortable, and I love my breasts and nipples, and I'm about to lose all of that, some of it forever. Maybe even all of that. I have been in pain for a month already and I know the surgery is going to be incredibly painful, so I'm terrified. I've never even had surgery before, aside from wisdom tooth removal, and I'm about to have a major surgery.

Anyways, with that being said, please be nice in the comments. I am in one of the worst situations I can be and need support, love, and respect right now. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. I am going to try to post videos on my youtube throughout this process, but will probably be in too much pain the first few weeks after my surgery. Here's the link:

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Sorry I haven't been very regular on here. For the past almost five years now, I have had a "normal" job. I am the manager at my work so that takes up a good deal of my time. Next year, I really want to get back into modeling more often and doing more artwork. I feel like I am starving for creativity a lot of the time. I really thrive off making beautiful things and expressing myself, so it just doesn't feel right for me not to be doing the things I am so very passionate about.

Right now, I am in a contest. It's a contest being held by Kultur Magazine. I am slowly working my way up. I was late to start and need help working my way at least up to the top ten (though I would prefer better than that). You can vote daily. I will post a link. Here it is: I really want this and if I win, I HAVE to do a photo shoot. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support.

That's basically it. My life probably isn't as interesting to hear about as it use to be, but I am a lot happier. I do crave adventure and art, but I live in a wonderful home with an amazing man who I have been with for a few years now and am very pleased with those aspects of my life.
  • Listening to: Kiss Them For Me-Siouxsie And The Banshees
  • Reading: Fevre Dream-George R.R. Martin
  • Watching: American Horror Story Season 5
  • Playing: The Legend Of Zelda
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Sorry I haven't been very regular on here. For the past almost five years now, I have had a "normal" job. I am the manager at my work so that takes up a good deal of my time. Next year, I really want to get back into modeling more often and doing more artwork. I feel like I am starving for creativity a lot of the time. I really thrive off making beautiful things and expressing myself, so it just doesn't feel right for me not to be doing the things I am so very passionate about.

Right now, I am in a contest. It's a contest being held by Kultur Magazine. I am slowly working my way up. I was late to start and need help working my way at least up to the top ten (though I would prefer better than that). You can vote daily. I will post a link. Here it is: I really want this and if I win, I HAVE to do a photo shoot. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support.

That's basically it. My life probably isn't as interesting to hear about as it use to be, but I am a lot happier. I do crave adventure and art, but I live in a wonderful home with an amazing man who I have been with for a few years now and am very pleased with those aspects of my life.

New art and more to come

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 12:26 PM
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Vanity: Seven Deadly Sins: Vanity by vampireleniore

I FINALLY finished another one of my seven deadly sins series. Here are the others:

Wrath: Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath by vampireleniore
Gluttony: Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony by vampireleniore
Sloth: Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth by vampireleniore
Envy: Seven Deadly Sins: Envy by vampireleniore
Lust: 7 Deadly Sins: Lust by vampireleniore

If you guys dig those, when I finish the last one, I will be offering all seven as prints and will be giving special prices to people who want to buy them all in one go. Will keep you updated on that. All the originals have been claimed.

Just one more to go and I will at last be done. I am hoping to finish that one shortly. I have finished two other drawings and will post them soon.

In other news, I have been having some issues with my health. The doctor I saw said it is either a bad acid issue, a gallbladder problem, or something's up with my pancreas. Either way, it has really sucked. Another possibility is I have an ulcer. I have to go get some tests done soon. For a week straight, I was having pain in my mid to upper abdominal region constantly. Then, the doctor prescribed me this acid medication. I got horrible side effects from it. It made me so dizzy I couldn't stand, my neck was all tender (and still is) and a little swollen, I was, and am still, weakened by it, I had full body muscle cramps, I got heartburn multiple times a day (ironic for an antacid medication), I would experience nausea after just about every meal, etc. It has not been fun, to say the least.

Since I was having some serious side effects, I went to the doctor and they said I either am intolerant of the medication or I was allergic to it. They took me off of it and now I am back to square one essentially. Just wondering what the Hell is wrong with me. My boyfriend is convinced I have an ulcer. I missed two days of work from this and I never miss work. Whenever I do go to work, it is a struggle to get through the day.

I have been feeling useless. I pride myself on getting a lot done. Housework, cooking, art, exercising, etc. and because I have been feeling so shitty, I am getting nothing done lately (trying to change that today since I have been slowly feeling a little better). Esssentially, emotionally, being ill like this has also negatively effected me. Here's to getting better! Cheers!

Thank you to anyone who is still reading my journals or watching my work. Your support means a lot to me.

Chai Smoothie Recipe

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 5, 2014, 1:02 AM
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I figured I would start posting some recipes I like to use or have made up. This was a recipe I found and added a lot of things to.

Breakfast Idea: Chai Smoothie. High in protein, Potassium, and fiber. (For the time being, I am finishing off some vanilla yogurt I have that is high in sugar. I would recommend a fat-free plain yogurt instead). I will probably be changing a few ingredients in the fu...ture, but this is me working with the materials I have for the time being. Don't worry too much about the cholesterol as the oatmeal combats cholesterol (the cholesterol is from the protein powder. You can try finding one with no cholesterol in it). Potassium is very hard to get enough of. It helps fight heart disease, so it is good to get enough of it.

This is spicy and exotic. For people who like strong flavors.

2 tbsp. Body Fortress Vanilla protein powder
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 banana
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup fat free light vanilla Sunnyside Farms yogurt
1/2 cup Sunnyside Farms Vanilla Soy Beverage
1/2 cup Quaker oatmeal
1 tbsp. Mara Natha almond butter
1/4 tsp potassium seasoning (salt substitute w/potassium)
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cardamom
1/2 tsp cinnamon
a small piece of ginger root (optional. Good for your digestive system)

Directions: Toss it in the blender. Keep it there until it's smooth.

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 640
Cals from fat:163.75
Total Fat:19 g (29.5%)
Sat. Fat:3 g (15.5%)
Chol:45.53 mg (15%)
Carbs:87.5 g (28%)
Potassium:1638 mg (35%)
Sodium: 185 mg (8.5%)
Added Sugar:13 g
Protein:34.5 g (69%)
Fiber: 16.1 g (63%)
Zinc: 4%
Iron: 29%
E: 15%
Phosphorus: 3%

Magazine Number 23!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 26, 2014, 11:34 PM
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Gothesque Magazine November 2013 issue. Very happy to be in my 23rd magazine and am hoping to add to that number in 2014. 5 covers too. ^.^ It's not much, but, looking back, I never even thought I would wind up in one. I am very happy for this accomplishment.

 That outfit is by Blackmirror Design (just the shirt and collar). Photo by Studio 610.

Having Good Times

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 25, 2014, 9:08 PM
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  • Reading: Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane"
  • Watching: Little Otik
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  • Eating: Chicken pasta with mushrooms, onions, olives
  • Drinking: No sugar added juice (cranberry)
Hello hello everyone! What have all of you been up to? As per usual, I have been working a lot and, when I am not working, I am working out, working on some art work (trying to be better about squeezing it into my schedule), cooking, cleaning, and having fun being an adult in a wonderful relationship with an amazing man in a beautiful home. I am happy.

Off and on, things have been hard. I am eating extremely healthy lately and I am having withdrawals from certain foods (even though I didn't even eat that bad before). Just stuffing myself with fruits, veggies, rice, nuts, and chicken. Meh. I like it, but yeah...losing my mind a little for the time being. I have been doing the elliptical for a few months now, squats, these abdominal exercises (no. Not sit ups. They're hard to describe), and going on some romantic evening walks with my Jared. Back to the food thing, it really sucks, but I think my body is starting to adjust and the cravings aren't as bad as they were at first (thank goodness).

Another thing is my boyfriend is working everyday for six weeks for at least 11 hours a day. I miss him, but I am taking good care of him and am excitedly planning what to get him for Valentines Day. It feels so good to be with such a hard-working man. *proud lady friend.

I hurt my knee and it's not healing very quickly, so that's putting a bit of a damper on my work outs. Pooo.

I just read Neil Gaimans new book, "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane" and I immensely enjoyed reading it! It was ridiculously amazing. You have to buy it or rent it from the library right now if you enjoy reading fictional pieces.

Another thing I have gotten into lately (just started getting into it) is the works of Jan Svankmajer. He is a director and his films often incorporate stop motion animation into live action pieces (I LOVE stop motion animation. Oh my golly-gee-Willikur). I really enjoyed watching Little Otik and will next be watching Alice.

Anyways, I don't have a lot of things to say that are super exciting. I now live the dull life of someone with a day job, but I promise exciting things are on the way. I need something exciting in the way of occupations or side projects or I will explode from all the boredom in relation to this sort of deal (definitely not bored with my relationship or where I am living).

Here's some snap shots. I did that makeup using Sugarpill Cosmetics Asylum, Bulletproof, Tako, Tiara, and Goldilux. It looked wayyy better in person. My camera phone is low quality. I hope you guys like it anyways. A big shout out to my dear friend Muffin for giving me those beautiful necklaces for Christmas:

Happy Sigh

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 5, 2014, 12:50 PM
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                  Welcome to 2014! I am loving it so far. How about you guys? I know that this year is already looking so much brighter than last year. All I can say is I love my life and I feel very fortunate.

                   What have you guys been up to? I've been working working  working, cooking, cleaning, spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, and working on some of my art. At some point, I will be posting new stuff and I am hoping to get more modeling in this year than I did last year. Also, I have some projects I will be starting this year. I am very excited about this.


                   Currently, I am reading (I am always reading something, bookworm that I am) Affliction by Laurell K Hamilton and am delightfully surprised. I have been following Laurell K Hamilton's work for, I believe, 12 or 13 years now and have read every book by her up to this point and for a long time, have been very disappointed in her stuff. She had a powerful beginning and had been gradually been going in a downward spiral.

                For many years, I continued to read her books because I wanted to see how her series would end (both of them aka Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner). The issue for me, while I enjoy a certain level and amount of eroticism in literature, was that she seemed to depend on sexuality to sell her stories, more specifically, every other page of a lot of books started to become a gang bang. Alas, her latest Anita Blake book does not follow this pattern and is quite interesting, especially if you like zombies as that is sort of the highlight of this book (or more specifically a rotting vampire that can spread its disease even to shape shifters). I am half way through and am at the first sex scene of the book (Holy SHIT! The longest she's gone without writing a sex scene in a book in a long time) and am still enjoying the story telling.

              Congrats, Laurell K Hamilton, on your come back. I will say, however, the character Anita Blake, annoys me. She's a woman who says and thinks repeatedly sexist things against women. Women like that suck, I'm sorry to say. Constantly generalizing women in a negative way and saying, "I think more like a guy. That's how other women are" or "Women are such bitches" or "Women are so emotional" Just. Shut. Up. Sexism against anyone isn't cool, even if you are a woman. You can still be sexist against women if you are a woman, you know? Also, how in the Hell do you think like a guy? Not all the guys think alike. Not all the women think  alike. We're all our own person, dammit! Thankfully, there are other characters that I like a lot more than her.

              What's the deal with everyone wanting you to fit in a bubble? Why can't you be a badass woman who loves cooking? Why can't you be sensitive, but tough? Love sports and love makeup? Why can't you be a man who loves makeup and other guys don't make fun of you (especially if you're straight)? There's nothing wrong with doing your own thing, guys. All of you. Do what you want. Be who you truly are whether or not it fits the mold society has made up for you. (TANGENT!).

             Speaking of cooking (I have gotten really into cooking)...I have tried so many new recipes in the past several months. Cookies, Thai food, bread, all kinds of stuff. If any of you share this passion for cooking, please let me know some awesome recipes you know. If anyone is interested, I might share too. ^.^I am especially interested in healthy recipes high in protein and vitamins and low in bad fats and calories (as in low in saturated and trans fats).

            I spend a lot of time on Youtube, relatively anyways. Big shout out to uhohbro and Sexualobster for making me laugh all the time. Here's a link to something I find silly:…

             This is just a snap shot of me (with no makeup on) to ensure you that I am alive and very well (sorry the lighting sucks so bad). I got both those necklaces as Christmas presants. The choker was from my dear friend Muffin and the pearls are from my lover. How do you like my Nightmare Before Christmas hair flower and earrings? They are from:…


Feature! Here's some sturf I love:

requiem_ by dihaze

Julia's Secret by CatBastet70 M13 Masked Soul by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Sirens' Island by 22zddr

victim by 0DIBIL Memento Mori by yuumei Shaban by lordeeas race through time by vale-ra

Air Kiss by luka-basyrov-art:thumb357254021: Gone with the wind by Kanamm Jewel by Ophelia-Overdose

Bottom Feeder by Dan-Harding:thumb371033921: Xarah no.1 by snottling1 Gothic by Kmy-Hunter-Maverick

Shock! by silvergrey Give us a kiss.. by PorcelainPoet

A bit of my work from the past year:

Doc Holiday by vampireleniore

Cherry Blossom by vampireleniore Summer Breeze by vampireleniore Sacrifice by vampireleniore

Serenity 2 by vampireleniore Miss G Designs by vampireleniore Mantra by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Confessions In The Smoking Room by vampireleniore


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It has been a long time, Deviant Art

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 12:54 PM
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I will say that so, so much has changed since I have been here last.  This is part of why I haven't been on here. I'm not sure how much I would like to disclose, but I will fill you guys in a little on my life these last 9 or 10 months.

The first part I am sure is obvious and that is that I have taken somewhat of a hiatus on modeling. I have only done two photo shoots in the past four months. I have been very busy with my day job and am exhausted after work. I love modeling and you will see more of it in 2014 as well as more art and I will be delving more into other areas of interest as well.

The hiatus started when I finally took a leap and ended my very long relationship with my ex back in March. This I can honestly say was one of the best choices of my life and has made a huge difference for me and my happiness. It certainly wasn't easy. The way I was treated up until that point was horrible and took a toll on me. Breaking up with someone like that is never easy because they make sure it isn't easy. I wound up having to leave my home, that I was paying for alone, because he refused to leave for a month after I broke up with him. I lost my pets. I had to live with my family for six months and had no privacy and don't get along very well with a few people in my family, which made it all very hard. I lost a whole lot all at once and it was probably one of the hardest times of my life. All this is only the tip of the ice burg in that whole experience and I am still having to block him on every site because he won't let me be. Even after taking care of someone financially for four years, I can't be given the respect of allowing me some space to enjoy my new life. No matter what, I am not going to allow him to effect my happiness anymore than he already did.

Despite all this, I am very much enjoying my life now. I started dating a dear friend of mine of ten years and we are extremely happy together. We never argue, we trust each other, and we are both always thinking of things we can do for each other to make one another happy. He is a complete gentleman and treats me like a queen. I couldn't be happier with my choice of a boyfriend this time around. I know I am not perfect, but I feel like I deserve respect and love. I am getting it from the most amazing person I know.

Basically, I am happy with my partner and with my home. This upcoming year, my goal is to be happier with my income and my career, as well as my health and fitness level. I have been working out 40-80 minutes a day, mostly on the elliptical, which is ok. I would like to both perfect my body more, as well as eat healthier. I am starting to see results and am hoping this time next year to have reached my peak health level, so we'll see.

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A TON of stuff is going on lately. I feel like every moment I am awake I am working. At this point, I am striving to allow myself at least an hour to an hour and a half of relaxation every day. A lot of the time, I believe I fail.

I have been working at my current day job now for a year and a half. I'm a manager there and, while I do not work the entire time (I spend a large amount of time busing it to and from work), I am gone getting to work, working, and coming home around 10-11 hours daily. For a while, I would be so exhausted from my day, I would come home, eat, network/look for modeling gigs and that would be it for the night. While my body still wants me to do that, I have decided no matter how hard I have to push myself, I have goals I want to reach and passions I wish to pursue that I simply do not want to allow my day job to eliminate from my life. As a result, I wake up, feed the animals, water the plants, do the dishes, change/take care of my hygiene, eat, go to work, get off work, take the bus, get off at the nearest bus stop a mile away, jog home, stretch, work out, work on my digital painting, work on my drawing, look for modeling gigs, scoop the litter box, take out the trash, feed the animals again, do the laundry if it needs to be done, write, pack, and other stuff I can't conjure up in my mind at this time...

In addition, we are moving after a year of living here. I have been quite happy at this house. Having no roommates has been fantastic. I love all the fruit trees in our yard and all the space. The neighborhood is lovely. I am very, very sad about moving. My landlord had to sell the house because he couldn't make payments anymore. So here we are and I've been stressing like crazy. For a few weeks, I've barely slept. I just feel so anxious about moving and about money. I find that no matter how much I work and how little I spend money on myself (which is far too little. My shoes have holes in the bottoms of them and most of my clothes do too), that I'm always struggling financially.

Next month is the mark of Cody and I being together off and on for 12 years now (9 of which we've been together). I couldn't ever describe just how much I love Cody. We've been in love since junior high. We've had our best times in life side by side and our worst and have come out stronger in the end for it. I am so, so happy to live with him for nearly four years now and to share my world with him. I am so happy to have him and our wonderful pets, who are some of my best friends on Earth. I am so content feeling him on the bed beside me as I rest and an animal at my feet and another at my head, and another at my belly (there are three cats and a little dog). We have hard times like all couples, but we love each other so much that we work through our issues, no matter how large or small, and come out victorious. I am a very lucky lady and he is a very lucky man. He's given me some wonderful memories and I look forward so very much to making more in the years to come.

As far as modeling goes, I messaged a photographer who I absolutely adore and who is very well known and she actually messaged me and said she was interested in collaborating with me, so naturally I am stoked about that. I am very excited about going to Portland and Seattle next month. I am also to be featured on the cover and inside a magazine next month. Other exciting things are guess who I am working with in Seattle? :iconsilvergrey: and :iconporcelainpoet: I haven't seen Porcelain Poet in years! I also just got back from Sacramento today and a photographer I have worked with 4 times, Number 5 Studio, gave me some beautiful wet plates of me to bring home. I am completely in love with them. That style of photography is just amazing and I find it very refreshing as  there are few who practice it.

My art is going better than it has since I've gotten my day job. I am working on two pieces and have finished one but have yet to post it. You know the 7 Deadly Sins series I have been working on? Well, someone saw the first four and liked them enough to buy all of them and to commit to purchasing the last three when they are completed. I also sold every piece I had in my home aside from 2, I believe, which for me feels like a tremendous accomplishment. I am very critical of myself if I let myself think about things. That is the technique I have adopted to help my self esteem issues. I just tell that inner voice to shut up and then I work to improve and try my best to enjoy myself free from those thoughts. Some of my art is to also be featured in that magazine I talked about and that is what one of the pieces I am working on is for. I have definitely seen improvement in my work and while I am not where I want to be, I am swiftly moving in that direction and am determined to meet my goals.
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This has been a busy year for me! I work five days a week at my day job, then I've been stretching, working out, doing art, doing chores, and networking/trying to find modeling work as well. There has been very little relaxation time in my days, but I am gradually getting use to it. Someday, I might even enjoy this crazy schedule...

I have had back problems for years, but lately I am having them worse than ever. I know I need a new mattress but can't afford one, so I've been struggling some with that. I have my fingers crossed that I will get better soon.

My 2013 calendars are up for grabs through my Etsy shop( and I am currently accepting commissions for art pieces as well.

I am planning on traveling more this year,so if you want me to come to your area, all you have to do is help me out with air fare. I'm ready! I am planning an Oregon/Washington trip (specifically Seattle and Portland) for March. I decided I would kill two stones with one bird and take my boyfriend there with me for our anniversary and (I can't resist) doing some shoots while I am there. I am primarily looking for paid work while I am in the area to make it worth missing that time at work. I will be traveling with wardrobe and I can do my own makeup.

In other news, I am working on a digital painting to appear in the March issue of Ladies of Steam punk, which I am to be on the cover of. I am also working on my last three Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, Greed, and Pride, which are spoken for, but I will be selling prints of them and doing a special deal for anyone who wants to buy prints for all seven of them.

Yesterday, I did an awesome photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers, :iconsilvergrey:, designer Artifice Clothing, and hair stylist Katlyn Bosnich. The two outfits were adorable. One of the sets was a Valentines Day theme! I am so excited about the pictures and can't wait to show them off! ^.^

Travel Dates so far for this year:

firmly scheduled February 8th-9th: Sacramento, CA
still working out the details March 21st-27th: Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

Sites to check out:

Modeling fan page…
Art fan…
18+Modeling fan page:…
Fet Life:
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Sorry. I am not keeping up on this as much as I would have liked, chiefly because lack of free time and lack of things to talk about. Generally, thanks to my day job (which in retrospect I am quite grateful for), I have very little exciting things going on in my life. However, I do have a little going on right now, which I am going to share with you. Lucky...

For one, I will be on another magazine cover soon. I will leave the magazine as a surprise. It should be coming out in March and will feature art and modeling of mine. I definitely have made it one of my goals of the year to get at least 2 magazine covers and I am determined to make it happen. I was promised a cover by another magazine. The question is just when.

I will be working with the amazing :iconsilvergrey: this month and and am, of course, excited about that. I love working with her and I think we make magic together. Wouldn't you agree?

Our Lady of Scarlet by Revel by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Oriental by vampireleniore
Gothic Heroine by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Carnivorous Flowers by vampireleniore
Giuseppina Issue 9 cover by vampireleniore
Pre-Raphaelite by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Tron by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Tron part 2 by vampireleniore
Giuseppina Issue 9 cover by vampireleniore

I also should be doing another shoot with Le Mew Photography and Romantic Threads. Here's some stuff we've done in the past:

Gothic Ever After II by vampireleniore Romantic Threads 4 by vampireleniore Black Dahlia II by vampireleniore Romantic Threads 2 by vampireleniore

Basically, I am trying to cram a whole lot of creative awesomeness into this year. I want to definitely do more shoots and art pieces than I did last year. Perhaps this will be the year I learn to juggle a million activities. I will be super woman: lots of housework,lots of hours at work, then I draw, paint, meditate, exercise, and model the rest of the time.

Unfortunately, my energy is zapped. Something is wrong with me. I've been sick for two weeks and my lymph nodes are swollen. Swollen lymph nodes are generally an indication that you at least have an infection, if not something worse. I am going to wait it out a little and see if the swelling goes down. If it doesn't, I will be taking antibiotics, which I loathe, but you've got to do what you've got to do. I am just trying to not think the worse of it. I do feel bad, but I don't think I feel badly enough for it to be something serious and that's what I am setting my hopes on.

By the way, what did you guys do for Christmas and New Years? For Christmas, my love Cody and I went to my family's house for presant opening and my sisters' amazing gingerbread cookies (the best ever), then to my aunts for food and slide shows of old pictures of the family, then to Codys' cousins' house for dinner. For Christmas, I got Cody this amazing ghostlove ring with a filigree setting and a spike. It's amazing.

On New Years' Eve, we went to my sisters' house and played this dance game on the Wi. Actually, I played and Cody watched me and my huge family making fools of ourselves on that game. I am actually pretty good at it, which surprised me. So is my 60 year old father, who nailed Barbie Girl. Funniest thing ever seeing your 6'8" macho dad dancing to Barbie Girl. Moving forward with the celebrations. Yesterday, we went to Codys' moms' house and had tacos and I petted the hell out of her boyfriends' pet iguana, Piggy. Coolest thing ever. I love creatures. I have had many lizards and I found her so fascinating and beautiful. She looks like she was made from beautiful stones and she's so gentle with the most lovely pale yellow eyes.

With that all being said, I will remind you I am selling a 2013 calendar. I worked pretty hard on it and I love it. I think it came out amazingly. If you are interested, it is for sale on my Etsy:

Thanks guys for reading!
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I am officially now selling a 2013 calendar of my modeling work. It's all age appropriate and full of goodies from amazing teams, like Redrum Collaboration, Romantic Threads, Black Lotus Clothing, :iconporcelainpoet:, Le Mew photography, :iconsilvergrey: , Artifice Clothing, and others. It's mostly steampunk and Victorian looks, but there are also some latex and pvc looks. 11 of the 12 pages can be viewed on my fan page, but the 12th page is a surprise page by Le Mew Photography of me wearing pvc by Artifice and corsets by Corset Connection featuring photos that have not been posted! A lot of the pictures are ones that are not available as prints for sale/never will be and when you are done using it as a calendar, you can cut the pages out. You hang them up as prints!  View most of the pages here:…

They are available unsigned for $35, signed for $45,and signed with a kiss for $50. All can be purchased here on my magical Etsy page: etsy/com/shop/vampireleniore

In other news, I haven't been up to much. Housework, taking care of my pets, making whatever money I can because the house we are renting is being sold (they are waiting for approval on a loan so we don't know exactly when we have to move).

A little over a month ago, we adopted/rescued a kitten. one night, while on our way to a date, we heard a cat meowing. We pretty much always stop to pet a cat whenever we see one and I realized when I heard it that it was very young. As we came closer, the fact the young kitten was completely alone out there was obvious. No sign of a person. No sign of a mommy-cat. We moved it from behind the tire of a care into a more secluded, safe area and we decided while eating dinner if that kitten was still there while we were on our way home, we would be taking it home with us. We both had anxiety about it, realizing how young it was and that a baby like that was completely helpless and would most likely wind up dead without help.

I am glad we made that choice because, upon further inspection, the severity of the baby cats' condition was apparent and we were scared he would die on us any minute. It's first bath had blood, fur just came right off, its tail appeared to have been broken and cut or bit off, and it's anus stuck out a good 1/2 inch from it's body and leaked puss. It was caked in its own shit. The kitten was skin and bones, covered in ringworm, had a terrible infection. After buying it high quality kitten food infused with beef broth to fatten it up as quickly as possible,treating the hell out of it with anti-fungal cream, and giving it antibiotics, 5 weeks later, Dib is almost completely 100% recovered. Dib is the sweetest kitten I have ever met. Having been starved for affection and closeness to other creatures, Dib is a total cuddler (last night both my dog Puddles and Dib came under the covers with me, cuddling both each other as well as me) and my dog and Dib have taken a liking to one another. They are best friends. Every time I turn around, they are playing, bathing one another, or snuggling. It was love at first sight. At first, we were just going to nurse Dib back to health (big shout out to my friend Bri, animal expert extraordinaire, for all the advice) and then try to find a loving home for him, but both us as well as the dog and our cat Lestat fell in love with Dib, so now this little kitten, whom we have put so much work into, is the newest member of our fuzzy family.

As a side note, we named it Dib because one night, Dib was on top of the fridge and I looked up to him and said, "Why is his head so big?" (Invader Zim quote) because Dibs head was huge when we first found him and Cody said, "What was that characters' name?" "Dib." "We should call him Dib!" so that is what we call the kitten.

I think of rescuing this wonderful creature as one of the greatest acts of our lives. I am filled with warmth and pride when I look over at the fluffy little grey and white kitten snuggled with my dog and I think of how if we had decided not to bring him home that night, he would have died by morning. That he started out mostly bald, cold, alone, bleeding, leaking puss, and skeletal and now he is a normal little kitten, full of life and excitement and joy, surrounded with people and animals who love him, as a baby should be, not out there alone and scared and hurting.  I have had my doubts about fate. I am an atheist and a skeptic, but that night fate brought us together with Dib and I am so glad it did. It's been A TON of work, but it's definitely been worth the hassle and the money. I am so thankful for animals, especially my furry companions. They are my best friends and I admire their innocence and ignorance about all the ugly things in the world that people are so aware of. I have a special place in my heart for the fuzzy ones ^.^


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New pictures:

Black and Gold II by vampireleniore Pillow Book Studios by vampireleniore Black and Gold by vampireleniore
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New shit: Black Dahlia by vampireleniore Gothic Ever After by vampireleniore Black Dahlia II by vampireleniore Gothic Ever After II by vampireleniore Black Dahlia III by vampireleniore

There's been some cool stuff going on and on the other hand, there's been some extremely fucked up stuff going on. Soon, I will be moving again. I don't know when.My landlord is in trouble with the bank and put up my house for sale. The remaining time is unknown. I love this house and it's truly going to hurt when I have to leave. This has been my home for a short time: 9 months. The plan was originally to live here for 2 years, at least, to save up for renting a house or apartment, so it's disappointing and stressful.

Of course,this means me having to scrounge up as much money as possible as quickly as possible. My boyfriend had a seasonal job which is already over, so we're struggling bad and I'm responsible for 100% of our bills once again. Please check out and share my Etsy page:

My 2013 calendar will be for sale asap. I have 10 pages gathered up and a secret page by Le Mew Photography with pictures never posted before. The pages I have so far can be viewed… There is material by :iconsilvergrey:, :iconporcelainpoet:, Le Mew Photography, and Number 5 Studio.

In other news, I was in the 18th magazine (that I know of). It was Marquis issue #55 and I was thrilled because I've been wanting to be in that magazine for 6 years. I also may be getting some of my pictures in Auxiliary and have been promised a cover in Rabid, although when it comes out is a mystery.

I sold 5 drawings and even in the midst of my extreme anxiety. I feel inspired and feel as though my confidence has received a fantastic boost as a result. The person who purchased said drawings bought 4 of the seven deadly sins series and said they will also be purchasing the other 3 when they are done, so expect to see some new art soon.

Here's my two remaining original pieces in case you're interested. I really want to sell them to make room for some new stuff: Birthday Cake by vampireleniore Personification of Mushrooms 4 by vampireleniore


I am coming back to Oakland December 6th-7th and am booking now. I would like to book as much work as possible while I am there. I am willing to travel around the bay area.
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Updates!: As I normally do, I am currently in the process of putting together a calendar for 2013. Please let me know if you are interested in one.

In other news,I did a photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Le Mew Photography on Friday and have a picture up already (there will be 3 more looks posted from the set): Black Dahlia by vampireleniore That beautiful gown is by the amazing The dresses are far more epic in person and to feel the quality of the fabric and see the detailing up close is amazing.

I am very excited because I just sold a painting that so many people would tell me they are interested in buying and finally someone actually went through with it. Today I'm going to ship out an old friend to it's new home: Lesbian Zodiac: Aquarius by vampireleniore

I am definitely NOT one of those artists who likes to own a bunch of their own piece. By the way, I have 7 more original drawings in my possession and I'm dying to get rid of them. Not to mention that we need money bad right now.

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony by vampireleniore Seven Deadly Sins: Envy by vampireleniore Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth by vampireleniore 7 Deadly Sins: Lust by vampireleniore
Springs but No Freedom by vampireleniore Personification of Mushrooms 4 by vampireleniore Birthday Cake by vampireleniore

If you like them, throw a number out there.I am willing to compromise on prices. Cody and I's landlord is in trouble with the bank and put our house up for sale on the 19th of September. We know we have at least 30 days to get a new home, but the uncertainty sucks and if it doesn't sell by January 1st, we have to move the 31st of December basically because then it's the banks'. I just really want to have the assurance at least of knowing we will have enough to move into an apartment when we need to and as of right now,I am barely making enough to make the bills as it is. I don't know how, but I need to start making a lot more money and getting another day job is impossible. I am working myself into exhaustion.It's got to be through modeling and art. I wish I could get into making hair pieces and other accessories, but just can't afford the materials. Argh. So frustrating.

Thankfully, my dude has a job,but it's seasonal and  they aren't giving him a lot of hours like we thought they would. More frustrating stuff.
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I have some exciting news! The date is set for my next photo shoot: next Friday! I will be working with one of my favorite photographer and two of my favorite designers (maybe more. I am trying to recruit more people as we speak). There will be pvc, corsets, and amazing Gothic gowns.

I am also working on a 2013 calendar and am trying to release it for sale by November 1st. In the meantime, please let me know if you are possibly interested in purchasing one. I already have one month for it featuring some of these fabulous steam punk images:

Black Mirror Steam Punk by vampireleniore Black Mirror Steam Punk II by vampireleniore

I am still having a super hard time financially. I am just going to have to make a lot of sacrifices and try my best to sell some prints in the next week. Thankfully, my boyfriend is now hereby employed seasonally, so in a few weeks, when he gets his first pay check, I will be getting some help with the bills, but for now I am still uncertain as to how I will be making all my bills for the next few weeks.

My landlord has to sell the house because the banks' been on his ass about something so I am not sure how much longer Cody and I will be able to live here. It's scary. I want to have enough money by the time we have to move to get an apartment and not to have our fate in another roommates' hands, etc. or to have to deal with any more assholes in the future, so I am crossing my fingers. I really need this. It's so hard because I'm already working 5 days a week and trying to fit modeling in there too. I never get a true day off, but that's how it's been for a long time. At least before, a lot of my work was from home and I could spend time with my loved ones more and somewhat relax my body.

Please check out my Etsy and tell your friends about it. If I could make some money off of my art or prints, that would be a tremendous help:

I hurt my back and am trying to nurse it back to health. My wrist is still hurt 2 and 1/2 months later, but it feels a lot better than it did. There was some time there that I couldn't even use my left hand. Now I just can't lift anything and sometimes it hurts a lot randomly or will start to throb. I really hope to make a full recovery.

My focus has been on getting as much done in the 3 hours of leisure time I have every day as possible. I am trying to exercise, write, draw, do chores, meditate, work on my makeup skills, read, etc. It's really hard to get myself motivated to do all of it, but you only live once and I am determined to accomplish as much as I can in my short time on this Earth and to be the sexiest girlfriend Cody could ever hope for, so I have to take care of this body and this mind for the both of us and really for everyone in my life. A happy person makes good company, right?

PS. On my face book fan page, I am currently holding a contest (the prize is a free signed print of your choice. Not all my pictures are available as prints, but a lot of them are. See details on the contest here:…

I leave you with new stuff by Danger Ninja Production:

Chrysalis Rose by vampireleniore Stars by vampireleniore Dark Garden III by vampireleniore
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Today is the love of my life's birthday. I've arranged a surprise birthday party for him and when things still weren't so bad financially, I had purchased two presents for him as well. One of which is a metallic 8X10" of this picture: My baby by vampireleniore He's been wanting one since 2 or 3 years ago when I first did the shoot in our kitchen in San Francisco with Lestat, our kitty. The other one is some sweet spiked goggles with nickle/green lenses. I also wrote him a love letter and am making him a card with a cutesy little poem I wrote for him as well. I will also be picking some flowers before he wakes up (I am romantic). Fun facts, but it's a very important day to me as I am so thankful he was born into this world. I have loved him for nearly twelve years now and spending my life with him, although it's had it's ups and downs, has added so much joy to my life. I feel like we've come such a long way together.

This month has been so hard for me financially. Cody's suppose to be getting a job next week, but the pay check won't be coming soon enough and I'm $400 short of making all the bills in the next few weeks. We might have to go without food for a little while. That's how desperate it is. I haven't felt this scared and anxious in a while. I tried doing a sale on my Etsy and there are no days this month I can schedule a photo shoot. I do have days free for shoots in early October, however, so if you're interested in hiring me, please let me know. Please also check out my Etsy:

On the 28th and 29th, I am shooting with one of my favorite photographers in some clothes I got from a fan for my birthday (such a cool present) and some corsets and Victorian gowns she has on loan. Yay! More pictures are coming soon! You should also, hopefully, be seeing more pictures from my shoot with Danger Ninja from our shoot in June. We had done four looks, so more pictures to come.

I have been reading again, like I use to, only I probably have about a  half an hour a day to read now and I have discovered some of Steven Kings' stuff is quite good. I just finished Bag of Bones, which I loved and am now onto the novella collection Four Past Midnight. I have gotten through the Langoleers and am now reading The Secret Window. The Langoleers, I also enjoyed. I still love HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and Neil Gaiman way more, but I can sort of see what all the hype is about now with Steven King.
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5 weeks later, my wrist and back are still hurting quite a bit. Biofreeze has been my best friend lately. I have had to cut my hours at work because it's just too painful working 5 days a week all day with a bad sprain and a hurt back in a job that requires me to use my hands pretty much constantly and stand constantly/move around non-stop. Tomorrow will be my first day back after 4 days off. I am trying to make as much off prints as possible right now. Please take a look at my Etsy and share it with your friends:

This is the new shit (and you can bet your ass there will be more looks from this shoot. 3 to be exact with Pop Antique, Lust Latex, and more Dark Garden):

Dark Garden by vampireleniore Dolly Mop by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Dark Garden II by vampireleniore

If you haven't already liked my facebook fan pages, might I recommend doing so if you would like to be the first to get updates and to see new pictures.

My main modeling facebook fan page:…

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I have a shoot coming up with one of my favorite photographers (soon hopefully. We don't have a date set) and a couple of surprises coming up as well.

Thanks so much for reading guys. ^.^

Want to get a free signed print of me and help me get more recognition?

I have a contest going on my main facebook modeling fan page here:…

You can read more about it there.
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Hello there my dears ^.^

I am back in work. It's been tough working with my wrist still injured (oddly, after 18 days, I am still not healed) and my pain killers are not going to be refilled by my doctor, so I've been surviving on a little Asprin here and there, which really isn't cutting it. My pinky on my hurt hand has been spasming for a few days and, whenever it does, it hurts real bad. My spine is having an even harder time healing. I think it's because you can rest your wrist whenever, but your back is always working for you, aside from when you are lying down. People at work are starting to get annoyed with me for things I cannot do right now. At this point, I have no idea how long it will take for me to feel normal again and I really hope I don't damage it by using it more than I should be, but I simply cannot miss a ton of work because my injury.

I am still trying to sell prints and art pieces to make up for the 7 work days I missed and all the expenses that came along with my injury. My Etsy is

I want to thank you guys for all the support I have gotten already. I appreciate the hell out of it.

In other news, Cody and I are going through all this heat with no air conditioning. It's SUCKED. Fuck you, Summer. I look forward to Fall and Winter.

PS V/H/S was awesome. The first story made the entire movie for me.

I am trying to set up a shoot with one of my favorite photographers to work with right now (I am going to let it be a surprise) and Artifice Clothing. I got some of Artifices' pieces for my birthday as a present and I really want to model them. There are also some other cool things in store. It's just a matter of when for the meantime. I'm back to work 5+ days a week at work, so it complicates things.

Here's some new stuff:

Black Mirror Steam Punk II by vampireleniore Black Mirror Steam Punk III by vampireleniore Black Mirror Steam Punk by vampireleniore

Please check out and like my fan pages ^.^

More "mature" modeling fan page:…

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Hey guys. The latest news is today was my first day back to work in 10 days because of a badly sprained wrist and a mildly injured spine(my job requires a lot of lifting and use of the hands and using a sprained wrist can cause arthritis and carpel tunnel-NOT a risk I am willing to take and I say a mildly injured spine because nothing is broken but it is extremely painful and when I fell, I was screaming from the pain). I have been in pain constantly since it happened.

This all happened right after I had an infection in my gums from getting a piece of food jammed into the pocket behind my back tooth, so in the last month, I had to: miss 7 work days (this was my first time ever missing a day of work in my life, aside from two shoots from emergencies and one day of work because my dad had a life-threatening brain surgery that day), buy pain killers twice (my first bottle was stolen from me before I could even take any), a copay for the doctors visit, my splint, antibiotics, and more medicine from issues with my antibiotics. It's been an extremely expensive month and I have a TON of catching up to do in order to make all my bills this month.

I am mostly trying to sell prints and art pieces right now, which can be found here on Deviant Art in my picture folder entitled "prints I offer for sale (or something like that" and "original art pieces for sale", or you can go to my Etsy, which doesn't show them all, but if you're interested in something I offer here and you want to purchase it through Etsy, I would be more than happy to post it for you there:

New eye candy if you haven't seen it yet which show cases my fabulous new hair color:

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit by vampireleniore
This is so me by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Crimson PVC by vampireleniore

Little black riding hood by vampireleniore

Mature Content

Corset Clad by vampireleniore
Shiny Black Corset by vampireleniore Three Foot Long Sexy Black Hair by vampireleniore

BIG shout out to those who have helped me already. You guys kick serious ass!